Board game book report

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board game book report

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Some spaces can have instructions to move forward or backward a number of spaces, sit out a turn, roll the dice an extra time, or other random instructions. Look to other board games for inspiration. Write trivia questions on the note cards with rewards (Reference 1). Write instructions on some of the board game spaces to draw a trivia card. This introduces more variety to the game play, and more importantly, it demonstrates an understanding of the material in the book. Write questions regarding characters and plot that only someone who read the book could answer. Things needed, poster board, pencil, markers, crayons, other drawing instruments.

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So long as your instructor permits it, a book report can be an opportunity to be creative and interpret the material you studied in an engaging way. One way to do this is to create a board game based on the book, using the book's characters and story as a way of tying the material to a fun project. Instructions, draw the map of spaces system on the poster board. It could be circular, like the board in Monopoly, or one-way, like the board in Candy land. It will help to consider the story you are basing the board game on, and what locations are. Does the story start and end in the same place, or does the main character start in one location and end in another? The board game should accurately reflect the story of the book. Color the poster board with illustrations and designs to reflect the locations from the book represented in the game. For example, if the main character visits a cave filled with dragons around the middle of the book, the area of the board around the middle might be decorated with dragons. Write instructions on some of the spaces to introduce variety to the game.

These will serve as the game moliere piece platforms. Follow the instructions for baking and once done, shrunken, and cooled, hot glue the game pieces to the round platforms! If youd like to make a box to put the game board, trivia cards and pieces in for safe storage, a typical shirt box should be the perfect size. My little girl used even more colorful duct tape, construction paper and regular tape to decorate the game box, and colored pencils and markers to design the logo to give it shelf appeal! We made our own die but Id recommend borrowing a die or set of dice from another of your board game as our cardboard version didnt roll very well after questions were answered correctly. You and your child have turned a favorite book into a board game! Now, gather the family and have fun playing the game together! Completing a book report doesn't have to mean sitting at a computer and writing a lengthy essay.

board game book report

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The rest of the game board can be decorated with clip art and or drawings that make sense with the theme(s) of your chosen book. Okay, its Shrinky dink and hot glue time! Ask your child to decide on the maximum number of players that will be able to play their game, and to think of which characters or items from the book theyd like to use as game pieces. Sarah, Plain tall my youngest wanted farm animals but if making a board game from the. Heros guide trilogy, for example, the 4 princes charming would make perfect game pieces. Now, help your kiddo draw and color those characters, animals or items on the Shrinky dink paper, remembering to start big because they will shrink (of course). Now draw and color the same number of circles.

These can be true/false, multiple choice, (very) short essay or any other kind of question your child would like to have asked during game play. Once theyve filled up a notebook page or two with challenging questions and answers, your child should begin writing them individually on index cards, the backs of which can be decorated with scenes or characters from the book if you choose. Simply draw and/or color 2-6 scenes or characters on a plain sheet of paper and make photocopies of that. Cut out the scenes and glue or tape them onto the back of the index cards to make the board game look more professional (although this step is 100 optional). Now its time to construct the game board! Stack your two pieces of cardboard in a neat pile and use duct tape to secure one side tightly so that the two pieces will then open as one larger piece. Next, glue colorful pieces of construction paper to the cardboard game board and use a marker to make a path for the game pieces to travel from a starting point to a finish line. At this point your child can decide if they want special spots on the board to lose a turn,  jump ahead of a nearest opponents game piece or a similar movement not dictated by answering trivia questions from the book. Draw something special in those spots (for example, we used a lightening bolt and a horses head because they have meaning in the book we used, sarah, Plain tall ).

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board game book report

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Marker, hot Glue gun, index Cards, scissors. Glue or Tape, two big, Equal-sized pieces of Plain Brown Cardboard. Construction Paper, colorful Duct Tape, glitter or Any Other Fanciful Bits to Adorn the board Game box. Notebook, pencil, a shirt Box, a favorite book, how to turn a book into a board Game. First things first, your child needs to pick a book to turn into a board game. Ideally, theyd choose a volume with a fair number of characters, plot points, pets, locations, etc.

From which the board games questions will be culled. A favorite book series, one with recurring characters, like christopher healys remarkably clever. Heros guide trilogy or Sara pennypackers charming, clementine series, would also make a super fun board game, especially if begins their siblings have read those books too. Once a book or book series has been chosen, its time to develop the questions and answers for the playing cards that will move the action forward on the game board. To avoid repeating questions during a single game, you will want to have at least 1 card per space on the board. For example, our game below with 35 spaces from start to finish should have had a minimum of 35 question cards created — it didnt though, so we ended up having to reshuffle the deck and ask some of the questions twice. Put your little reader to work with a pencil and a notebook to generate a lot of questions based on what happens in the book.

Her expertise includes mentoring, serving at-risk students and corporate training. Photo Credits the game image by CraterValley photo from m, more Classroom Articles. Related Articles, related Articles. Sold individually or as a bundle at a discount book reports don't have to be that boring! This a more creative way to find out how much of the book the student really understands.

This can also be used to compliment your already classroom book report assignment. Includes: Simple directions/Instructions, board Game Criteria for Students (kid-friendly). Board Game Scoring Rubric 2 board Game templates 2 Dice template Options, generic Score Sheets and tons of Photos of actual Student board Games! These look great displayed on Bulletin boards! Check out our other fun book reports at our store Upper lmntary! I think we can all agree that great books are great and that a great board game is nearly as great as a great book. This crafty (and pretty great) activity will have you and your kids turning a favorite book into a brand new board game with a whole lot of artistic family fun. Along the way, your kids will get to spend more quality time making deep dives into the book, thinking critically about scene construction, character development and story arc, reinforcing the love of reading and the literary skills you are already instilling in them. What youll need, shrinky dink Sheets, crayons or Colored Pencils.

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Keep them simple-more than five or six rules will make the game tiresome to learn. Things you will need, poster board or foam core board. Markers, dice or spinner, game pieces, index thesis cards (optional). Tip, create cards to go with the game if you want to add an extra bit of excitement to your game. The cards can require that the player correctly answers a question about the book to advance, or can reward or punish the player in some manner. References, about the author, elise wile has been a writer since 2003. Holding a master's degree in curriculum and Instruction, she has written training materials for three school districts.

board game book report

You can go to an office truth supply store for lamination. Lamination typically costs two or three dollars for a posterboard. Purchase dice or a spinner and some game pieces. You may be able to find these things at the office supply store. If not, a teacher supply store will be sure to have them. Make your own game pieces in the form of characters from the book if you are feeling creative. Type the instructions for your game.

game board with markers once you have decided exactly where everything should. If you have bad handwriting, type the words that go on the spaces and print them out. Then you can cut them out in the shape of the spaces and glue them on the board. Be sure to type in such a way that the words will all fit on the space. Laminate your game board if you are using posterboard. This will make your game more permanent.

Vanessa Bryce of Las Cruces Public Schools recommends that you choose a clear beginning and time end for your game. (see reference 1) The list of events will help you to. Use a pencil to lightly draw the outlines of your game board. Draw a path of spaces that meander around the board, and fill in the background with drawings indicative of the setting. For example, if you are creating a game board for Homer's "Odyssey you may want to have the ocean and islands as a background, and draw a path that visits each of the islands. Decide what each point on the path will represent. Make some of the game spaces terrible to land.

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By elise wile, the book report is becoming obsolete in some schools as teachers strive to give their students assignments that are creative, hands-on and that require critical thinking skills. Creating a board game is one popular assignment that many students now find themselves doing-sometimes at the last minute. This assignment can be fun, but it helps if you know where to begin and what to include. Purchase a base for the board game. Buy a piece of white poster board, or for a thicker base, a piece of foam core board. Write down the sequence of events that occurred in the book, as well as the major characters. Think assignments about the setting as well, and write down the primary location of most of the action in the book.

Board game book report
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  1. (More detailed instructions for book projects are included following this basic.).

  2. Creating a board game is one popular assignment that many students now. Book report Project- make your own board game based on Charlie the. Game board book report Project: templates, worksheets, grading rubric, and more.

  3. One way to do this is to create a board game based on the book, using the. This can also be used to compliment your already classroom book report assignment. Includes: Simple directions/Instructions board Game Criteria for Students. The book report is becoming obsolete in some schools as teachers strive to give.

  4. Find out how to turn one of your child s favorite books into a fun board game for the whole game, while promoting literacy and a love of reading! This uniquely shaped game board book report project contains assembling directions, first draft worksheets, final draft templates, grading rubric, and a matching. Completing a book report doesn t have to mean sitting.

  5. This uniquely shaped game board book report project contains assembling directions, first draft worksheets, final draft templates, grading rubric, and a matchin. This Pin was discovered by Stacy williams. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on p interest.

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